Extinction of Mitchell's Satyr by collectors

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at eohsi.rutgers.edu
Thu May 18 10:18:44 EDT 2000

yES, I like the nuance of  Mark's distinction.  If habitat degradation, 
unfettered automobiles, and climatic shift bring a species down to the 
last individual---the collector of that last individual, well, need I 
say more.  

Bob Dickerman, ornithologist, told me proudly (35 years ago) that he 
would collect any Ivory-billed Woodpecker he saw, including the last 
one, since the species had no future outside of museum trays.  He must 
be lamenting this missed opportunity.  (It's funny the odd things that 
fill up the memory banks and prevent you from remembering what you had 
for breakfast, or indeeed whether you even had breakfast). 

Mike Gochfeld

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