NABA Field Trips in South Florida

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Mon May 22 01:38:46 EDT 2000

Like Anne I doubt that this was a childish prank. It seems more likely to be
deliberate destruction to prevent Leroy from collecting with the trap. Since
it was a NABA organized field trip, lead by NABA leaders, and the motivation
to destroy the trap likely resulted from NABA's anti-collecting attitude, an
apology from NABA seems to be in order.

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>I have never directly attacked NABA nor it's members, I was once a member
>myself. I have gladly provided information to a member organizing the field
>trips. This information is the result of hours of field work collecting and
>observing Lepidoptera.
>I received several telephone calls Sunday evening informing me that during
>one of the field trips to an area near Port Mayaca in Martin County, a
>location that I provided, NABA members found several of my bait traps, one
>which they destroyed and others were taken.
>I received permission from the land owner to collect and hang bait trap,
>even allow others, (NABA) to look for butterflies. What a wonderful reward
>one receive when he helps those who claim not to be opposed to collecting.
>efforts to survey the Lepidoptera of South Florida requires time, effort
>money. The results of those efforts are a record of what occurs in south
>Florida. My trap work along the Sugar Ridge of Lake Okeechobee (The Sugar
>Ridge extends from west of the town of Okeechobee all the way into northern
>Palm Beach County) has produced 533 species of Butterflies and moths in
>Traps, Light Traps and Pheromone Traps. I, along with Bob Beiriger and Dave
>Fine have put forth a great effort to monitor the traps and record the
>species that are collected in the traps. May I also make note that Bait
>are live traps. Only selected individuals are taken for records.
>I believe that the action of the NABA members responsible for destroying
>taking my bait traps are a childish prank and demonstrate a total lack of
>responsibility. They act like children! It shows their true face to serious
>Lepidopterists''. This is my reward for freely giving help to insure that
>NABA members have a great meeting.
>I am sure that this will stir the coals and fuel the fires over the
>collecting issue. I apologize if it does.
>Leroy C. Koehn
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