Great butterfly day in OR!

Richard Worth rworth at
Mon May 22 13:50:01 EDT 2000

Actually, we only saw 4 species here in the butterfly desert of the 
Willamette Valley (3 if you don't count P. rapae) but of those, one 
was Fender's Blue, recently listed as federally endangered (other 
species were Coenonympha tullia or whatever it is and Glaucopsyche 
lygdamus).  The Kincaid's Lupine was at peak bloom and there were 
several males and females in good shape flying.  Got a few pics of a 
male that should be good.  Got pics of females laying eggs last year.
Which brings me to the point of collecting or not?  I collect where I 
can and where I can't, I bring a camera.  I think it's a great 
balance, I can "collect" sensitive species on film, and I'm out doing 
what I love either way.  The people that trashed Leroy's traps should 
be ashamed and should at the very least apologize and pay him for the 
traps.  It's going to be tough to replace the work done and the lost 

Happy leps to all...

Richard A. Worth
Oregon Department of Agriculture
Plant Division
rworth at
(503) 986-6461
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