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Try looking for details on Yoma sabina (Nymphalidae) - mentioned on several
websites following a quick websearch.
This is a widespread species, recorded from Burma to South China (very rare in
Hong Kong), Malaya, Australia and the Solomon Islands (Marsh, 1960: Hong Kong
Butterflies, Shell Compnay of Hong Kong). For more uptodate information, search
out a copy of Corbet & Pendlebury's Butterflies of Peninsular Malaysia (now in
its 4th or 5th edition, 1994).

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RHH74 at aol.com wrote:

> Could someone please give me information on a butterfly known by the common
> name of "THE LURCHER". I would like to find out about it's location, name
> origin, etc... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Rich Henry

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