A. luna f. rubrimarginata ?

Mothman617 Mothman617 at mediaone.net
Fri May 26 20:07:04 EDT 2000

I found a peculiar male A. luna upon my blacklighting sheet this morning and
I was wondering if anyone has come across such a specimen of this. I had
turned on my blacklight last evening and let it run until morning. When I
went out early today to inspect my catch, I had found 3 male luna moths. 2
of the males were the typical form. The third male however had heavily
infused purple-pink coloration upon both the hind and forwings from the
outer margins. The hindwings have more purple - pink color than green and
the green coloration itself is much bolder. I had almost thought it was a
miniature A. isis. This is obviously an extreme abberration, of which will
be placed in one of my prized drawers to never see a single photon of
sunlight for fear of this to fade. I do wish I had a digital camera to post

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