Moth Identification

Alan Wormington wormington at
Mon May 29 14:10:04 EDT 2000

About a week ago, at Point Pelee National Park, Ontario, I observed a
distinctive moth that I have been unable to identify.  Perhaps it is
nothing unusual, but since I have never seen one before it could be
something rare for this area.

It was a day-flying moth seen mid-day in a mature forest.  It had the
general characteristics as White-striped Black (Trichodezia albovittata)
-- that is, it was very frail, similar in overall appearance, it sat on
vegetation much like a butterfly would, and was hard to approach.  In
appearance it was entirely jet black, except in the centre of the outer
forewing there was a small, very diffused (and very indistinct) light
round area.  No other markings.

If anyone knows the identify of this moth and its status at this
latitude, I would appreciate hearing from you.  Thanks.

Alan Wormington
Leamington, Ontario

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