followup OT: Re: Don't put the cart (light) before the (horse) concrete.

Doug Yanega dyanega at
Thu Nov 2 13:11:38 EST 2000

A followup to what I *just* posted. This literally just in over the wire:
From: "Ed Kelley" <boarlord at>
Subject: AT&T & NevadaHosting Issue
-Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2000 16:48:06 GMT
Organization: AT&T Worldnet


AT&T has reviewed the document posted at  That document represents a
revision to AT&T's standard contract that was entered into by a sales
representative without proper authorization and is in conflict with AT&T's
anti-spamming policies.  The agreement has been terminated and the customer
has been disconnected.  It is not AT&T's policy or practice to enter into
such agreements or to allow spam related activities.  In fact, AT&T's
policy, as set forth in its Acceptable Use Policy
(, is quite the opposite.

We apologize for the delay in addressing this issue publicly.
Ed Kelley - Newsgroups Channel Manager
AT&T Worldnet Service Customer Care

I guess the anti-spam public pressure system still works. Thank goodness.

Peace, all,

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