It is "Gillette's Checkerspot"

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Probably just luck, by following whatever previous publication they happened to have read. Holland (1931) spelled it Gillett's without an "e", which would be the origin of the error.

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  Very Good! Do you think the folks who use Gilette's have done so out of research or just luck?  Ron 
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    Upon checking in two bibliographies it is clear that Clarence P. Gillette (with an "e" at the end), is the correct spelling, not Gillett. Hence Gillette's Checkerspot is the correct spelling of the English name, not Gillett's Checkerspot. The spelling of the Latin name remains "gillettii" under the Code, because the custom in the late 1800's was to latinize a person's name prior to forming a species name from it. Hence Gillette became Gillettius, which was then used to form gillettii (ICZN article 31.1.1).
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