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Sorry, I lost the firsts mensages. What is a bug zapper ?
I do not know how the autor counts the millions of poor insects killed...
In an agricultural pest control, the insects are killed by insecticide, as a
normal practice.
Some years in Nicaragua there were 35 to 40 applications / year on 100,000
hectares. I do not have an idea of how many insects are killed by this kind
of practice ? Also when I said insect killed, sometimes birds, mammals,
peasant... I run away once from a bean field because of fumigation by plane,
it's a bad impression...
A friend of me tells me that in Hungary, in a nice for tourim place, at a
moment there was a rain of small insects. The people tell him that an
helicopter spray insecticide to avoid insect problems to the tourists. How
many insects were killed there on a lake shore during Ephemeroptera outbreak
? Who cares.
Have you runned the car, by night ? How many nocturnal insects do you kill
by km ? Based on an average of 2 cars by km of road each night, you can make
a scientific calculation of the opportunity of a moth to be crashed on a

Historically, man do not like insects (woman also do not like insects) and
try to kill them all.

Fortunatelly some people like insects, so keep study them. Good work.

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> -- charred bodies of pointlessly murdered insects.  Finally got a copy of
> the zapper paper in Ent News; absolutely shocking and mind-numbing
> Based on data from two studies the authors estimate 71 BILLION to 350
> BILLION nontarget insect casualties annually in the USA due to the works
> 'misinformed homeowners' using bug zappers.  I will be in shock for some
> time as I try to digest this frightening info.  If you think there is
> something wrong with this; spread the word.
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