Copyright: PUBLISHERS checking with artists? authors?

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Mon Nov 13 07:02:55 EST 2000

I found Chris Raper's comments very interesting. 

It obviously depends on the contracts that artists/authors were able to 
negotiate with the publishers.  Often the rights are signed away and in 
my limited experience, publishers don't feel they need to consult me 
when granting other people rights to reproduce my graphs (and often 
collecting a fee for the permission) which is not passed on to the 

I have dealt with this by having my institution copyright all of the 
graphs and figures that I publish, and including "reproduced with 
permission of....) in the caption. That way, theoretically the publisher 
would have to check with me before granting someone else permission, but 
otherwise they wouldn't. At least that's what the journal and book 
publishers I deal with have told me.

M. Gochfeld


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