[SoWestLep] Mexico expands monarch butterfly habitat

Paul Cherubini cherubini at mindspring.com
Mon Nov 13 09:17:34 EST 2000

Pat Foley wrote:

> It is simply not true that ecologists are fudging their data, lying
> about their conclusions or intentionally misleading the public.

Pat, with regard to misleading the public, how do you feel about
the following NABA article about the impact of mosquito
spraying over New York City? 
http://www.naba.org/wnvirus.html. In that article the
professor -medical doctor author states:

"The seductiveness of aerial pesticide spraying, devastating to butterflies
and other non-target species, and frightening and potentially harmful to
many humans, should be the last, not the first, approach to controlling
disease spread." 

The problem here is that I don't believe the Professor can bring any 
scientific references to the table to back up the claim mosquito spraying 
is typically "devastating to butterflies and other non-target species".
If no scientific evidence is available to back up that claim, then
it seems to me the Professor IS misleading the public. 

Paul Cherubini


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