[SoWestLep] Mexico expands monarch butterfly habitat

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at eohsi.rutgers.edu
Mon Nov 13 21:31:39 EST 2000

Sorry Paul, 

I actually studied this in Westchester County in the 1950's, and I may 
even be able to find the note that was published about 40 years ago. 
In fact it was the mosquito spraying that effectively put an end to my 
butterfly collecting. The destruction of nymphalids and swallowtails was 
virtually complete.  There was weekly fogging from early June to 
September (maybe longer in some years).  I must say that you could sit 
outside on the back porch and not be troubled by pesky butterflies. It 
was a great relief to many I'm sure. 

But even if there were no proof, neither is there any doubt.  

Mike Gochfeld


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