[SoWestLep] Mexico expands monarch butterfly habitat

rick none at noaddress.att.net
Tue Nov 14 08:12:35 EST 2000

Paul Cherubini wrote in message <3A10629C.3D3D at mindspring.com>...
>Michael, the three mosquito adulticides you named above that were
>sprayed in New York ( Malathion d-phenothrin and resmethrin)
>were not even available back in the 1950's so there is no way you could
>data to back up your claim that these products are DEVASTATING

Just a comment from a non-expert- My copy of "The Yearbook of Agriculture,
lists Malathion but not the other two.  It's discussion of aerial spraying
concentrates on lead arsenate and mostly DDT (which was the wonder
insecticide of those years).



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