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At 01:12  14/11/00 GMT, you wrote:
>Just a comment from a non-expert- My copy of "The Yearbook of Agriculture,
>lists Malathion but not the other two.  It's discussion of aerial spraying
>concentrates on lead arsenate and mostly DDT (which was the wonder
>insecticide of those years).
 In 1944 my dad brought home some DDT to eliminate the whitefly on the
tomatoes in our greenhouse. It was so darned effective, he would not let us
eat any of the tomatoes. At the time he was in the British Army
Kinematographic Corps, making a color cartoon film about malaria, mosquitos
and what soldiers should do about it in the field. The DDT was packed in
fog bombs by the company that made the little metal carbon dioxide
cartridges for the old glass soda siphon bottles. Although the boffins
invented and applied a lot of dangerous new stuff when they won the war for
us, they did have a healthy respect and caution for its use. It was only
later when salesmen were involved in marketing the stuff for profit, that
the really gross mistakes were made.
..........Chris Durden


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