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Dameron, Wanda be496 at lafn.org
Sat Nov 18 19:24:26 EST 2000

 Vera Cruz should be Veracruz
 Xalisco should be Xalapa
 Tule should be Tula, Tamaulipas
 Unidentified Pictures:
 For butterflies that still need identifying see Mary's in-process
 website:  http://home.earthlink.net/~mhs46
 We are most appreciative of any guidance in those IDs...
 "Dameron, Wanda" wrote: (corrected
 > Hi,
Returned recently from 2 terrific weeks of butterflying in Veracruz from
the Jalapa/Xalapa area south to Catemaco area then east arond the UNAM
Bio Station.   We were able to ID 303 species and have a number of
skippers & Calephelis Metalmark pix yet to work on, plus possibly a few
distribution records that need confirming.
   Most days were pleasantly warm, with only one really humid day and
  small parts of a few others.  We had light rain one day that only
  allowed birding (only around 130 sp. for the trip but mainly just fill
  time as butterflies were our main goal & usually didn't get in the
  til around 9 tho stopped for something neat like the huge # of nearby
   Red-billed Pigeons near Catemaco one day; some spiffy dragonflies
   too!).   We only had one lost day due to rain so went to the
   Museum in Jalapa, had a special lunch in town then looked for books
  and good Mexican maps, for future trips further south.   De la Maza's
   "Mariposas de Chiapas" was found at the Jardin Botanical Garden shop
   Jalapa, however we understand the good detailed book maps are easiest
   found near major border crossings where gas stations & retail shops
Jalapa is not the easiest city to maneuver and highly recommend going
with Charlie Vieh. (CLVieh@ aol.com)  He also brought a local
biologist/naturalist, Manuel Fuentes, that contributed considerably to
the enjoyment of the trip.  Charlie really prefers doing Tamaulipas
which we did with him last year and is another GREAT trip that highly
recommend,  especially the pass near Tula, but he knows lots of great
spots!  It's easy to fly into so. Texas airport, he picks you up, stay
at his & Lana's B&B and take off from there the next day, butterflying
your way south in his comfy large van with lunches in the field. 
(prices reasonable, especially if have 4 to 6 participants)  I wouldn't
mind doing that again!
  Like the Suttons, we ran into the filming of the A. Schwarzeneggar
  movie at one of the waterfalls, but more 88's than we'd ever seen in
  our life and our first really good looks at a Peleides Morpho, with
  split Hyacinth Morpho a few days later.  Memnon Giant-Owls were
  late one afternoon on the spur to hotel Playa Escondido near the Bio
  Station and our best place for Cattlehearts and Swallowtails when
  walking the same road the following day.
  The citrus orchard on a spur road to the right shortly after going
  at the "Y" just beyond Catemaco, kept us occupied a full day with a
  variety of goodies from Giant Swallowtails to Flashers, Longtails and
  even a few hairstreaks plus any common roadside type species of
  white & banded peacocks, etc. The owners treated us to a big sack of
  mandarin oranges that we enjoyed for the remainder of the trip.   Our
  highest species count day (100) was on a road that ran parallel to the
  Jalapa Golf Course road in the vicinity of a fair sized stream.   They
  charged a few pesos but was well worth the small investment.  (not
  recommended for birding only)
   We stopped at the Pronatura hawkwatch in Cardel a couple of times,
   not much happening just then, tho got a few birds for the list.
  Delighted to run into Jorge going through and Ernesto returning.
  Understand Larry is married and living in Colorado.  Left my old copy
  the Vera Cruz Butterflies with Ernesto, since their copy evidently got
  lost in the mail...
          I would be glad to share our list by email when/if my computer
   friend figures out what is wrong with my attachment capability next
   month or if you want a hard copy, for printing/mailing cost.
                                          Cheers, Wanda
  PS   Mary Shepherd has kindly been working on a website to place our
  unidentified species.   A few are on already and more will replace
  later as have limited space.     http://home.earthlink.net/~mhs46
  Any help would be most gratefully appreciated.
  PPS  Bob Stewart is planning to lead a birding  & BF trip next fall
  w/Charlie & include the incredible hawk migration.   When the
  weather is right, it can marvelous!!!   (no email but  520-394-9073 or
PO Box 191, Patagonia, Az. 85624 to get on his mailing  list)   They
will be moving to Arcata, Ca. before next fall to be near children.

Wanda Dameron
Flutterby Press
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23424 Jonathan St., Los Angeles, Ca. 91304
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