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Mon Nov 20 18:55:13 EST 2000

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<< Actually, I believe, the typical reactions on this
 issue are the result of a mixture of both logic and instincts. >>

Isn't knowledge necessary for logic to work properly? Through no fault of 
your own, it is my understanding that you were confronted with what appeared 
to be a clear and present danger and acted upon it. Your lack of knowledge 
that this was a natural phenomenon and would in most cases take care of 
itself in a matter of days might have been understandable in times past. 
However, with the Internet apparently easily available to you and an answer 
just hours or minutes away, it might be prudent in the future to learn before 

I am not condemning you in anyway. I just feel that this can be made into a 
good learning lesson for you as well as others. It is natural for man to fear 
what is strange or unknown. The answer is to broaden our horizons.



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