[LEPS-L:7988] ismeria, TC-ISBN

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Sun Nov 26 19:33:15 EST 2000

    The November 2000 issue (2:3) of the TILS Newsletter has been sent to the 
www.tils-ttr.org site manager for posting. I was told it would be up late Sunday evening. It is a short newsletter (only 4 pages) but it has several very important news items in it.
    1) There is an announcement of the Taxonomically Correct - Index of Scientific Butterfly Names project (TC-ISBN).
    2) There is an article on Chlosyne ismeria and the first ever published photos of the female. 
    3) Info on the funding needs for the TILS Survey of Chinese Lepidoptera.
    The replacement pictures for Euphyes bimacula arbogasti and Hesperia attalus nigrescens have been sent to the site manager too. These new photos are 100 times better than the old temporary ones. I hope they get up this week. (along with the 20 - 30 other backlogged type photos). In two months the site has had 18,707 hits from 877 visitors. Has anyone found us via a search engine yet? If so let us know which one(s). 
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