[LEPS-L:8022] Re: Extincted vs extirpated

Niklas Wahlberg niklas.wahlberg at helsinki.fi
Wed Nov 29 00:44:32 EST 2000

There are a couple of recent papers dealing with the decline of common
species in the UK. Very interesting and very alarming. Here are the

León-Cortés, J. L., M. J. R. Cowley, and C. D. Thomas.  1999.  Detecting
decline in a formerly widespread species: how common is the common blue
butterfly Polyommatus icarus? Ecography 22:643-650.

León-Cortés, J. L., M. J. R. Cowley, and C. D. Thomas.  2000.  The
distribution and decline of a widespread butterfly Lycaena phlaeas in a
pastoral landscape. Ecol. Entomol. 25:285-294.



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