Celastrina Neglecta

sebrez at webtv.net sebrez at webtv.net
Mon Oct 2 07:27:39 EDT 2000

Does this species have a white border surrounding grey/blue on both fore
and hind wings. Oplers doesn't show upper side of the wings. Klots
doesn't show it either. I observed one yesterday (I think) in upstate
NY, sunning itself and flitting about on a dirt parking lot. Pretty
little thing. Also spotted 3 American Coppers, 2 Milberts, 2 Mourning
Cloaks, 1 old and tattered and 1 new and perfect. A dozen or so
Checkered Skippers, 1 Question Mark, and the usual assortment of
Monarchs, whites and Sulphurs.   


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