Who has chat ?

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Tue Oct 3 14:12:08 EDT 2000

    I am wondering how many of us have some type of Chat (peep-hole)
capability. It might be a good idea for people who have chat (holes) and
want chat (peep) to let the rest of us know about it. I have ICQ, which is
pretty good. However, like all the rest of my computer stuff, either my son
or son-in-law have set it up, so I only know some very basic
push-this-button stuff. My problem here is that I don't even know how to
access my own address (hole)!!! Yes, some of us are that computer dumb. So,
if YOU have ICQ and know how to reach my hole please try. Yes, I guess I'm
saying that if you let me in your hole I'll let you in mine. Hey, nothing
smutty here, remember I'm a preacher as well as an entomologist (really). By
the way my other e-addresses are rgatrelle at home.com and
ron.gatrelle at bigfoot.com. At least I know where these holes are and how to
use them.

    PS. For the 100 + people who have accessed our International Lepidoptera
Survey/Taxonomic Report web site (tils-ttr.org) in the last couple days, I'm
sorry that you found that it is still under construction. My son-in-law is
building the site and he has taken my daughter and grandkids off for a week
at Sea World in Orlando -- what a slacker! Plus, the week before he was in
Europe fixing some computer problems for the company he works for -- double
slackerd!  I ICQed him good today though and told him he had better get his
priorities straight and get this site finished.

Ron Gatrelle

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