[Fwd: TTR reviewers and peer review part II.]

Jeffrey A. Caldwell ecosys at pacbell.net
Thu Oct 5 00:21:01 EDT 2000

John Shuey wrote:

> I reviewed (signed reviews) a series a really (and I mean really) bad papers
> for several journals.  All were rejected for a variety of good reasons.  These
> papers later showed up with my name included in the acknowledgments, thanking
> me for my review of an earlier draft.  These papers still really suck, but now
> my name has been appended to them, implying that I endorse both the science and
> the conclusions.  A complete embarrassment to me and in my opinion completely
> unethical behavior on the part of the authors.
> I could write this off as an single disturbed senior author, except that it has
> happened again recently with someone else.

I think that in such a case it would be perfectly right for you to not at all
protect the guilty!
I think that in such a case you  have a right, even a duty,  to publicly repudiate
the misuse of your name in the forum in which it was misused. To not do so is to
share in the shame and guilt of it.

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