NPWRC Lep site?

John MacGregor jonivy at
Thu Oct 5 16:14:29 EDT 2000


I just clicked on the hyperlink you provided in your message and the site
loaded with no problem.  Either it was temporary, or there is something
wrong with your Explorer.

John MacGregor
jonivy at

>From: Mark Walker <MWalker at>
>To: "'leps-l at'" <leps-l at>
>Subject: NPWRC Lep site?
>Date: Thu, Oct 5, 2000, 12:22 PM

> What's going on with the USGS butterfly site?
> I get "You are not authorized to view this page" errors.  Hey - this is my
> portable in-the-field field guide.  It's hardcoded as my Explorer start
> page.  Hopefully this is a temporary technicality.  Otherwise I'd have to
> look for something else to do with my time.  Get a life, or something.
> Anyone?
> Mark Walker.

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