Butterfly Slide Programs and a Quiz

Randy Emmitt birdcr at concentric.net
Sun Oct 8 14:37:32 EDT 2000


I`ve updated my pages at rlephoto.com and have 2 new features at the site! 
The first is educational and fun, it`s an online quiz at 
http://www.rlephoto.com/education/page01.htm  with 24 fast loading slides 
from my other new project an educational slide program. The quiz has 24 
slides of 23 species and to an intermediate level butterflier it would be 
considered fairly simple. There is 3 very common skippers on the test so if 
you think your getting out of IDing skippers your wrong! Please feel free 
to test yourself on the quiz and see how you do! Also there`s onsite links 
to pages with more info on each species in the quiz so you can learn more 
about the ones you might have missed.

The other new feature is 4 new slide programs at 
http://www.rlephoto.com/education/index.htm that I have created for the 
North Carolina State Parks and any other educational facilities that might 
want to purchase a set. These slides should cover fairly well most of the 
common butterflies found in the southeastern US.

Due to the risk of slides being used for publication or other non 
authorized use they are limited to educational facilities only!  No 
exceptions! E mail me with details on your facility and desired use of the 
slides for pricing  at bircdcr at concentric.net
Randy Emmitt
Rougemont, NC

Randy Emmitt Photography
Butterflies Found in North Carolina Online!

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