Linda Rogers. How it works.

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Wed Oct 11 17:20:04 EDT 2000

Be careful Neil, you enter into an area known as defamation of character.


Neil Jones wrote:

> In article <004201c03320$9e1f5f00$9b0f1218 at>
>            gatrelle at "Ron Gatrelle" writes:
> I am making this posting because, yet again people, don't appear to know
> certain facts and a known political activist is posting misleading
> information intended to deceive. I do so not out of a wish to provoke
> a fight but in the interests of honesty and fair dealing.
> >     Sorry, I was ready to be done with the monarch thing. But The message
> > form Linda Rogers compels me to jump in here again. First, her message then
> > my comments.
> >
> > Dear Linda,
> >     Your kidding, right. I find it hard to believe that anybody today is
> > really that naive (sweet). Have you ever heard of Cocaine?
> >     "Gosh, Pablo, how are we going to get this three tons of drugs to the
> > US? I mean we cannot ship drugs (live insects) from Mexico into the U.S.
> > without a permit from the FDA (USDA)."   Your statement of... "you cannot
> > ship live insects from Mexico into the U.S. without a permit." is
> > incredible. No wonder you, by your own words, don't get it.  How is it
> > suppose to WORK?  BY BREAKING THE LAW! If there are marijuana farms there
> > can be illegal any-other-kind of "farm."
> I think you are new and don't realise what Ms Rogers was really about.
> She is involved in a "business activity" which is in conflict
> with a major lepidoptera association. Her own associates, are also it appears,
> involved in what may be rather broadly described as "research" which
> involves paying  what many people regard as excessive and over the odds
> prices for tagged
> monarchs. Some people may remember the posting from an USDA officer describing
> criminal investigations which would appear to be linked to this "research".
> Certainly they involve one of their leading exponents.
> Those of us who have been around for a while will have recognised an
> attempt to discredit those who wish to see Ms Rogers' business more closely
> regulated.
> Ms Rogers may well be a little naive, to be involved with these people.
> (I would not have used the word "Sweet".) There can however be no doubt
> that she is involved in what I what it appears any reasonable and
> well-informed person would see as a SCAM.
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