Monarch Sighting-Northeastern Illinois

Diane Falk gardens2 at
Wed Oct 11 19:19:25 EDT 2000

An incredible huge Monarch drifted away from a clump of asters here at
Serendipity just a few minutes ago.  I feel quite guilty for having
walked too near it as it feasted for the day.  I have no idea from
whence it came, though it might have originated here.  Milkweed plants
are twenty or more feet away from where it nectared.  Also,...the clump
of asters had not been damaged by our freeze due to it growing next to a
tree stump (more heat and protection).  Could not tell the sex and did
not have my net with me.  I had been throwing flower seeds out on the
prairie.  (Sigh).

Sincerely, Diane Falk
Lake County, Illinois
Serendipity Children's Memorial Gardens
diane at

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