Cold to preserve specimens.

Chris Conlan conlan at
Wed Oct 11 21:03:05 EDT 2000

I would agree that cold works well to help prolong specimens to line them up
for breeding or whatever reason you may have.  However, be careful how cold
you get them and how dry you store them.  Store them with the veggies or put
them in a plastic bag puffed up with air and a drop or two of water to raise
the humidity (re-puff the bag occasionally).  Species from temperate zones
seem to handle standard refrigerator temps just fine but stuff from warmer
zones does not often do well.  By the way, I'm speaking from experience
based mainly on Saturniids.  Even if still alive after a couple weeks at 4
degrees C, the tropical/subtropical species often do not revive well and
females usually handle it better than males.  I would recommend keeping
material from warmer habitats at temperatures in the 10-15 degree C range
for better results.  Works for me anyway.


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