Crap or Gold

Ron Gatrelle rgatrelle at
Thu Oct 12 01:02:32 EDT 2000

    WOW! I got home from church late Wednesday night and then caught the
last of the Presidential debate. HO HUM! Then I opened my e-mail to find 14
messages. My thoughts ranged from: "Now THIS is crap!" -- to, no, It's
gold!" I'm not going to quote everyone, but I do want to check in with a
couple thoughts and a piece of new news I heard today on global warming.
    First, global warming. I don't have a source for this because I heard it
while driving in the car, and, well, I'm getting old and forget my snuff....
I mean stuff! Seriously thought, the news item stated that a newly released
study fairly conclusively proved that global warming IS NOT the result of
ozone holes or pollution or what-have-you. Rather it is a result of the
earth warming the air and not the air warming the earth. Evidently this long
range scientific study suggest that the core of the earth is heating up and
this in turn is warming the ground surface which is warming the air.
(Interesting hugh.) Their proof seems pretty good. If the air is warming the
earth then the temperature of the air would rise BEFORE the temperature of
the ground. But, if the ground was heating the air then the temperature of
the ground would raise before that of the air. Guess what. The ground has
been warming FIRST.
    Now lets say this is absolutely true. What would it mean? It would mean
a lot of things, not the least of which is that all the scientists,
environmental lobbyists, politicians etc., who have been blaming everything
on pollution and ozone failure, are wrong. Remember this is an IF (a devil's
advocate if you will). Do we really think ALL these people are going to put
themselves "out of business" instantaneously by saying "well, I guess we
were wrong. What we've been saying was just a bunch of crap -- just hot
air." (Pun intended.)  Hey, just a thought. I'M NOT TAKING ANY POSITION
HERE. I'M JUST THINKING. It is still OK to think, isn't it? Not to some
groups it isn't. It's there way or the highway.
    Which brings me to the next point. When I read Paul's reply to Dr.
Brown, I thought, "This is nuts. It sounds like Paul doesn't give a rip
about habitat loss -- in fact he almost seems to be saying we're better off
without the stupid beach. This is like saying it would be a good thing if we
humans learned to digest plastic apples." Then I got hold of my emotions and
thought. No Paul is not saying that at all. He is being the voice of reason,
or more accurately balance. HE IS JUST TRYING TO GET US TO THINK. TOO LOOK
    Paul, I for one know you hate to see the beach destroyed as much or more
than the rest of us. I also know that you are saying that when this does
(regrettably) happen it is not the end of the world. What was the line from
Jurassic Park, oh yah, "Nature will find a way." Paul is not being an
"anti-environmental advocate." He is only being the voice of reason. I
appreciate his input greatly -- it makes me think. Only idiots are afraid of
thought -- expression.
    Which brings me to my last point. I am sorry, anyone who thinks the
Endangered Species Act is the greatest piece of legislation ever passed
is... I can't print it here. Surely they must have meant the greatest peace
of [environmental] legislation. To be honest, I'm glad my ancestor went
extinct so I no longer have to live in a tree. I also like the fact that my
wife is a naked ape. Which reminds me. It's getting late and I need to get
to bed.
Rev. Ron Gatrelle.

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