Lepidoptery and Agendas

mbpi at juno.com mbpi at juno.com
Thu Oct 12 19:51:36 EDT 2000

I'd like to put in my 2 cents worth, despite the fact that I'm no
"Lepidopterist," per sea, but do have a background in Wildlife Management
and Biology, not to mention various other sundry professional

The elitist attitudes and excessive verbiage that predominate this list
serve are more  reminiscent of soap-box public exhibitionism, than a true
exchange of ideas and knowledge.  It is easy to hit others over the head
when you are "in the ether" and there's barely any chance of meeting them
head on in the context of  "real life."  

My interest in butterflies evolved from an interest in birds...a natural
segue.  I fell into the New York City Butterfly Club crowd, and it was
not a "happy" experience.  My interest was not taken seriously, and as a
result, I pursue my interest ALONE, elsewhere.  We all need people who
share our interest and are open to our input:  that's how we gain
knowledge and expertise.  Everybody doesn't know "everything," including
the know-it-alls.  There is something of value in everyone's input...

What ever happened to camaraderie and sharing?!  And how about
"mentoring" new participants instead of "bashing" them over the head with
YOUR agenda?  There's a subtle difference...

M.B. Prondzinski

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