Mark Walker MWalker at
Thu Oct 12 21:58:39 EDT 2000

Norbert wrote:

> Seems to me the matter to be resolved is how much and what 
> kind of forest
> use and at what times of the year is forest use to be allowed without
> substantially impacting the monarchs.

And to a great extent the real issue here is whether or not - given
uncertainty and incomplete information - it is possible to act irresponsibly
(or even unethically) while playing the charismatic messenger with a message
that tends to be political, emotional, popular, speculative, and capable of
generating revenue.

Let's face it - both egos and livelihood are at stake here.  While I
sincerely believe that ALL parties involved care much for the well-being of
Monarchs, I'm also certain that they are greatly concerned with their own.  

Mark Walker
Oceanside, CA

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