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Heath, Fred Fred.Heath at power-one.com
Fri Oct 13 13:08:45 EDT 2000

Dear Neil,
	Unfortunately, it seems this is the American way since we are such
suckers for get rich schemes. I can think of llama, ostrich, and worm
farming as being such scams involving animals in recent years. The only
person who gets rich (or at least makes any money) is the person selling the
gullible folks on these schemes. I have no way of direct way of judging the
whether Linda Roger's business is similar to this type of scam, but based on
what you said it sounds somewhat suspicious.
---Best regards, Fred

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> It does seem to me that in your industry a lot of the money is being made
> by those who promote it to others as a way of making money. However
> perhaps I am being unfair and this is the American Way.
> I will leave others to judge.
> -- 
> Neil Jones

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