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Sat Oct 14 14:05:44 EDT 2000

I know that it is inappropriate to use such lists for advertising, but 
since Mr. Jones has attacked the quality of our publication and attempted 
to shred my character, I think it's only fair that I be allowed to offer 
the below description of the butterfly breeding manual I co-authored with 
Nigel Venters.  My replies to Mr. Jones' comments are indented.   If you 
are not interested, please simply delete this message.

Thank you,
Linda Rogers


At 08:10 AM 10/13/00 +0000, Neil Jones wrote:

>You say that you are not a monarch expert. This is a point on which we 
>agree. You are however involved in what some people call "The Butterflies
>as Baubles Business". You are the co-author of a "book" on the subject.
>I have gone to the trouble of getting to see a copy of this "book".
>For this high price, what people actually get is a RING BOUND
>folder full of papers which have every appearance of being PHOTOCOPIES.
         This is The Commercial Butterfly Breeders Manual, co-authored
         by Linda Rogers and Nigel Venters, with Paul Chesterfield.

         We decided to put it in a three-ring binder so that periodic
         "updates" could be added into the original volume.  Also,
         there is an extensive Vendor/Supplier section which has
         a text listing of livestock, equipment and supply vendors
         and is followed by "brochure pages" from numerous
         companies.  This allows for new companies to add their
         brochure pages to copies of the manual.

         As for the manual being photocopied, you are right.
         The manual original is with Schatz Publishing in Oklahoma.
         They make high-quality copies of the manual for us,
         run on 3-hole punch paper.  When we wrote the manual
         we used Word instead of a more suitable publishing
         software which would have allowed for the huge
         section files that have so many photos and drawings
         in them.  So, the printer was forced to make photocopies
         of the original printed pages.  There are five color pages
         that are printed and not copied.  The text sections are
         original material, authored by Nigel Venters or myself,
         along with a section on butterfly photography by
         Paul Chesterfield.

         You are right again about me not being a butterfly expert.
         That is why I wrote the sections on business development,
         permitting, vendors/suppliers, creating a website, and
         packaging and shipping.  Nigel Venters wrote the sections
         on raising butterflies.

         About it being non-refundable.  It would be very easy for
         an unscrupulous person to buy and photocopy the manual
         (especially since it is loose pages in a notebook)
         and then ask for a refund.  We really do believe that
         our manual is high quality and are proud of it.  So far,
         others have all agreed.  I have not heard one single
         complaint from anyone who has purchased it, in the
         last year.

>Now I have a very extensive collection of books on butterflies. Quite
>a few of them cover breeding them. I would be very reluctant to
>spend that amount of money on a single book. If I then were to discover
>I got an unbound volume for this price I would not be pleased.
         In addition to attempting to provide complete instruction
         on every aspect of raising the USDA species allowed for
         shipment, the manual helps the reader with what's
         required to set up and promote a butterfly business.
         We honestly tried to provide people with everything
         they would need to know.

         You are quite honestly, the very first person to voice
         a negative opinion of the manual.  Instead of listing them
         here, I will suggest to anyone that is interested to read
         the unsolicited client reviews on our website, in the
         section for the manual.  This address is:

>It does seem to me that in your industry a lot of the money is being made
>by those who promote it to others as a way of making money. However
>perhaps I am being unfair and this is the American Way.
>I will leave others to judge.

         What is wrong with writing a beautiful manual that
         teaches others how to do something that you really
         love?  Nigel's love for butterflies and his generous spirit
         for helping others comes shining through.  Didn't you
         enjoy the full color photos of the nine species?  How
         about the extensive section on containment systems
         with detailed photos and drawings?  Or the
         predator and pest control sections?  How about the
         gardening section for host and nectar plants.
         Some people like the chapters on artificial diets and
         nectars, while still others enjoy the reference book
         lists, disease control, egg washing, or making
         clever little insect aspirators.  Didn't you
         enjoy Nigel's beautiful hand drawings?

         Our website section on the manual lists the full
         Table of Contents.  I will not copy it in here, but
         will say that it is quite extensive.  The manual
         is over 300 2-sided pages.  We are truly proud
         of it and the caring that went into its creation.

         I am extremely proud to be associated with
         Nigel Venters and Paul Chesterfield.  I invite
         you all to review it's Table of Contents on our
         website, along with the reviews.

         Thank you for this space and time to describe
         our publication.  It's real hard to put so much
         of yourself into something and hear it called
         a scam.  However, I feel this subject
         has been given probably too much attention.

         Linda Rogers

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