Regal frits - one last try

John Shuey jshuey at
Fri Oct 20 07:17:31 EDT 2000

The list serve is out to get me (apparently).  I 'm not too sure why
this message keeps getting cut but here's one last try.



> >From the west, the nearest known "solid" population is in Newton County,
> Indiana (on the Illinois/Indiana line, one county south of Chicago).  We
> actually had a great year - and adults were as common as I've ever seen
> them.  The first male was sighted in late June, and the last female I
> saw was
> early September.  She was on her very last legs - I captured her and
> "bagged"
> her for eggs, but she passed away later that day in our office (without
> laying any eggs).  I looked at the primary habitat later that week, and
> no
> adults were present.
> So, my initial reaction to a "fresh female" in October would be to
> credit the
> sighting to over-enthusiastic butterfly watching.  If you want to see
> something bad enough, you will see it.
> John Shuey


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