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> There are several possibilities.
> A wasp nest or bird family may be patronizing your milkweed patch.
Yes, I think my neighbors have wasp nests, I see them on the milkweeds a
lot.  But then again, I saw them last summer, too.  I do have tons of
lizards (living in South Florida, I'm sure you know what I mean!), and they
inhabit the butterfly garden.  But I figure they eat insects, not
caterpillar larvae.

>You haven't put out a bird feeder, have you?

No, interestingly, I had one last year, but not this year.

> Ants may be harvesting the eggs as they are laid.

No ants that I see, but many aphids.  I have not tried to eliminate the
aphids for fear of making the plants toxic for the butterfiles.

> Your milkweeds may be excessively toxic, after their experience of last
> year (are these the same plants, or new plants?)

New plants

> What you might try is planting some milkweed seedlings in other parts of
> your garden, and see whether that makes a difference.
> You are, of course, planting larval hosts for many other species of
> butterflies. Are they, also, declining your hospitality?

Have never seen any other caterpillars but Monarchs.  Have seen other types
of butterflies, just no other caterpillars.

> Anne Kilmer
> South Florida


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