The other Noctua

Richard Worth rworth at
Mon Oct 23 18:48:14 EDT 2000

Not too long ago there was much talk from folks in the Northeast 
about the presence of Noctua pronuba in that area.  Out West there is 
another Noctua which has recently made its way into Oregon. 
According to the MONA fasc. 27.3 (1998), Noctua comes was introduced 
into Vancouver, B.C. around 1982. At the time of WRITING its 
discussion, it had made its way south to the Seattle, WA area. 
Apparently, by the time of PUBLICATION it had made its way to, at 
least, the Oregon border.  The first reports I heard of this species 
from Oregon were about 1998.  We have been getting many of these 
moths in the Portland area in Lindgren funnel traps used for 
detecting exotic wood boring insects.  Are there any records out 
there of this moth in Oregon prior to 1998 and are there any records 
south of the Portland metro area to date?
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Plant Division
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