where to catch butterflies in ecuador

Prof James Seawright jims at princeton.edu
Wed Oct 25 20:08:30 EDT 2000

On the Amazon side of the mountains, go to Tena -- there's a bus from
Quito, then go to the village of Misahualli, at the junction of the
Misahualli and Napo rivers.  This is prime territory; many species
including Morphos, Caligos, etc.  There is a suspension bridge about two
miles up the Misahualli river from its junction with the Napo -- just
across this bridge is a great area for Caligos at dusk.  Also a great area
for moths if you have a UV or Mercury light.  Thysania agrippina has been
seen attracted to the street lights in the centra square of Misahualli.

On the Pacific side, there are some hotels and nature-study localities
about two hours from Quito on the road to Guayaquil -- this is in the
cloud forest region of the Pacific slope, about 4000 - 6000 ft elev.  Also
countless hummingbirds.   Good luck, Jim


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