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Fri Oct 27 13:04:35 EDT 2000

For anyone interested - I finally figured out how to purchase the
taxonomic catalogues by C. Bridges (thanks to Doug Yanega, who forwarded
my original post onward until it hit pay dirt).

Contact April Walsh (akwalsh at who represents Dr. Bridges'

These catalogues are amazing shortcuts to the taxonomic literature, and
are essentially database compilations of species descriptions and
literature.  They are expensive, but worth the cost unless you love
spending days with the Zoological Record.  I' ve used the World
Hesperioidae volume for years, and have decided that getting the others
is a must.

Here are the volumes available and cost in US$.

World Hesperioidea (1994) $110
World Riodinidae and Lycaenidae (1994) $130
World Papilionidae and Pieridae (1988) $85
Bibliography of butterflies (1993) $95

Contact April for the details,

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