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Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at
Sun Oct 29 18:40:16 EST 2000

    Excuse me for being excited but I just visited our TILS web site and see
that Joe's Little World (the site manager) has just updated the Photo
Library and About Us sections. There are now about a dozen species
illustrated by their type specimens. A couple of the high definition zooms
are amazing. The types of Ahlbergia hsui (China) and Angulopis
puntalaraensis (Argentina) are the only known examples of these species.
    At the very bottom of the About US page there is a link to Joe's Little
World. If you need a web site built contact him. The site he has put
together for us is just a quickie temporary setup to get us up and running.
He will be adding what he calls the "bells and whistles" in an upgraded
version. Hey, I just like the pictures. Now, I have a cable modem and 128
ram of memory so the stuff comes up pretty fast for me. I'd like to hear
from a couple of you with phone hookups and smaller systems about the speed
(or slowness) of the site. Actually, click on Joe's Little World and give
him your suggestions for improvements etc. Oh, yes the site is at



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