Vanessas north of the Arctic Circle

Runar Krogen rkrogen at
Sat Sep 2 13:27:49 EDT 2000


Here in Trondheim, Norway, (63,5 degrees north latitude) a massiv invasion
of V. atalanta took place this summer, probably in two waves. The first
during May and the second late June/early July. Caterpillars, mostly fifth
instar are seen commonly these days but developing slowly due to weather
cooler than normal. I have seen V. cardui in scattered specimens in June
and July and found a handful caterpillars here around the last days.

However, in connection with my job, I made a short trip to the city of Bodø
north of the Arctic Circle (67.17 degrees n. latitude) on 28. - 30. August,
and accidentally came across a bunch of caterpillars of both V. atalanta
and V. cardui up there. They were in good condition and most of them were
fifth instar, a few V. cardui third instar. At the moment I have not
received any reports of sightings of the vanessas north of Trondheim this
summer. (There are few if any observers). Are there anyone on this list who
have any details about the vanessas in the far north this summer?

Runar Krogen

rkrogen at

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