Noctua pronuba

Robert Kriegel kriegelr at
Wed Sep 6 08:31:03 EDT 2000

Over the last two years I have found Noctua pronuba in Michigan throughout
most of the growing season.  Population peaks typically occurred in late
May, July, and late August-early September.  Over the last week this has
been the most numerous moth on my windows at night.  In mid summer I and
several other entomologists in the Lansing, MI area flushed N. pronuba from
the grass when we mowed our lawns.  Has anyone out there reared this bug
yet in North America?  Are there any good photos of the larvae available on
the web?  Have any of you extension folks seen documented cases of the
species being a pest of commercial crops [I don't mean a pest in UV
sampling traps]?

keep on buggin,
Bob Kriegel

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