mist-netting for monarchs?

Paul Cherubini cherubini at mindspring.com
Thu Sep 14 20:19:56 EDT 2000

Cris Guppy wrote:
> There was a series of articles by someone in Florida who used giant "malaise
> traps" to capture migrating butterflies such as Monarchs. I cannot remember
> where the articles were published, but most likely Journal of the
> Lepidopterists' Society, 1970s or 1980s. The traps only captured migrating
> butterflies, because they were focussed on directional flight regardless of
> obstacles.

You're thinking of Thomas Walker, University of Florida at Gainesville.
I remember his great paper on migrating butterflies in Contributions
in Marine Science, 1985. He also has a later paper published in Ecological

Paul Cherubini

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