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Richard Worth rworth at
Fri Sep 15 11:01:12 EDT 2000

Sounds like you probably have an Arctiid (Tiger Moth) of the genus 
Euchaetes.  I think most or all are milkweed feeders.

Cheers, Rich

>My wife and I are involved in 4H and our club is doing an entomology
>We were trying to identify a caterpillar we just found feeding on
>(here in up-state NY, collected Sept 5, 2000).
>It is hairy, predominately black with white and orange along the back.
>Sorry we don't have a picture, but, it now has formed a dark brown fuzzy
>Does anyone know the various lepidopterae which feed on milkweed
>in the upstate NY area?
>Also, are there any general aids, step by step, or algoithmic approaches
>(railroad tracks - for those familiar with Pascal programming language
>to identify more general caterpillars.
>Dan and Sue Staver

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