Mexican deforestation - Monarch butterfly

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Thanks. Got it. I have no reason to disbelieve the synopsis in the newspaper
article but not having seen the research report; I have no reason to assume
that I would draw the same conclusions.  As mentioned, I am keenly
interested in seeing the actual research report and along these lines,
perhaps the owners of the monarch watch website would consider making the
full document available on their website.  Dare I suggest that the newsmedia
has a vested interest in "sensationalizing" their communications :-) --
potential 'flamers' please note that I am NOT suggesting there is no reason
for concern about the monarch wintering habitat

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The "report" being discussed is an article in the Ottowa Citizen alleging
the Monarch overwintering habitat is progressively being destroyed and in
serious danger of being lost.

Paul has presented his case that the articles claims are erroneous every
way. A link to the article appeared in a previous post; Chris Hocking
brought it
to our attention.  The article may be found at:

I just went there to see if it was there, and it still is as of now.

best regards,
Jeffrey A. Caldwell

"Kondla, Norbert FOR:EX" wrote:

> It would be really nice if some kind soul would make the monarch
> report available on the web.  It sounds like it would be extremely
> interesting to read and it does deal with an important topic - regardless
> how we each chose to interpret it.

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