Peak Vs. Preview Migration Pattern?

Diane Falk gardens2 at
Mon Sep 18 15:31:35 EDT 2000

Here in (Lake County), Northeastern, Illinois at Serendipity children's
Memorial Gardens my Monarch tagging opportunities have slowed as the
low (40's F) night temperatures and heavy morning dew increase.  I
recall in 1999 we endured high temperatures and drought---decreased
nectar resources, as well as a migration peak in _October_.

Question:  Has everyone given up on the late September---early October
migration phenomenon?  I observed Monarch flight _spirals_ as late as
last week!  The steady and _pathetic_ low numbers of migrants behaved
too _unlike_ the Monarch migrators from Wisconsin,...and probably Canada
(Great Lakes Region) which I observed last year, and in the past.

Catch 22:  I observed Night Hawk migration as well as Odonata just last
week.  Many dragonflies remain behind.  Canadian winds seem once again
to have triggerred migration  behavior. Now with return of warmth I look
forward to more migrants and late emergence.

Time will tell.  Sincerely, Diane Falk
diane at

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