butterflies of the "edge"

Sharyn Fernandez butterflies at value.net
Tue Sep 19 00:46:27 EDT 2000

>The following is a modified email request from Smruti Damania for
>information regarding butterfly behaviour and ecology that I am not
>sufficiently familier with
>to provide answers.

RE Miss Samuri's query -

What comes to mind is a reading I believe from a book "Biodiversity"  Ed.
by EOWilson early '90s (that I have packed away since I'm moving); however,
I believve the "edge effect" is discussed there. IN general it refers to
the expression 'the best of both worlds" - where more "biomass" within a
given space "on the edge" is found . That is two habitats "meet" at a given
point  and therefore, more plants species within a given range can be
found, thus  more associated "animals" that use the plants. It could be
that the number of (different)  butterflies are also apt to apply here.
Altho' to me along a given area, they seem to prefer either pathways or
waterways (near to "rich floral resource areas"....

S. Fernandez Galloway, Concord CA
Butterflies & Botany

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