Yponomeuta etymology

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Maitland Emmet's splendid book on the scientific names of the British
Lepidoptera gives the answer as to the etymology of Yponomeuta (p. 70):


Yponomeuta Latreille, 1796 - (Greek huponomeuo), to make underground mines.
 name has nothing to do with the habits of the larvae as supposed by
Macleod; Latreille
 expressly states that they are not leaf-miners and feed in a communal web
spun over the
 foodplant. His diagnosis is almost wholly descriptive of the labial palpus
and he may be
 comparing it fancifully to a miner's pickaxe. Fifty years later his
compatriot Guenée was to
 compare the palpus of another genus to a billhook (1273 Dichrorampha,
q.v.). The amend-
 rnent Hyponomeuta Sodoffsky, 1837 is orthographically correct but
inadmissible; Latreille
 would not have pronounced the 'h' himself and so omitted it.

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