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Hi Damania!

I was going through some papers at work, and found an article that I had
saved from the New York Times back in February of this year.

There are two American conservation biologists who are studying this very
phenomena, and it might behoove you to get in touch with them for more

They are:   Dr. Rob Channell of Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kansas,
and Dr. Mark Lomoliino of the University of Oklahoma.  The article in the
Times was called "Of Survival on the Edge:  How a Beetle Led Experts to a
New Path" by William K. Stevens.  If you log onto the NY Times website,
you can probably find the article in their archives.  Both PhD's are here
in the United States.

Good luck on your research!

Mary Beth Prondzinski
Evanston, Illinois

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