monarc (627K)

Mark Plessner markp at
Sun Sep 24 17:23:40 EDT 2000

This is Mark Plessner. I apologies for the large file I had no idea that it
could even possibly be an inconvenience or inappropriate or just a bad
thing. I stumbled across this newsgroup, and thought butterfly people would
enjoy seeing butterflies as well as writing about butterflies. If I ever
think I have anything worth contributing in the future, I will most
certainly get permission first, before making any post, I am sorry if I
offended anyone in any way.
Mark Plessner
Pierre A Plauzoles <plauzolesp at> wrote in message
news:39CE44F2.EC4A786D at
> "Paul , E.L.G." wrote:
> > Please - no more big binary files to the list. Any of the recipients on
> > slow servers will have freaked out at this one.
> >
> > Post the picture to your webspace and tell us the url.
> >
> > Come on - you know the score.
> Yes, we all do.  You could do even better by emailing the gentleman
> privately and without being confrontational about it (explain the reason
> and so on), but, given that we who monitor the newsgroup regularly already
> "know the score", I see no reason to take up bandwidth on the newsgroup
> this.  As for the principle of it, I see this posting as rather large, yes
> -- to say the least, and especailly for a newsgroup not specifically set
> for large graphics files -- but the size of even this file is a mighty
> small price to pay for the beauty in it.
> Nest time, before complaining about something like this, please rant and
> rave at Bill Gates for the sloppy code in some of his products.

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