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Martha V. Lutz & Charles T. Lutz lutzrun at
Sun Sep 24 21:36:03 EDT 2000

Hello Everyone!

Following this thread is more time-consuming than the original marathon
down-load!  Maybe it's time to get over it?  Anne wrote:

"Dear Mark,
You are not the first, and will not be the last to clog mailboxes and be
Rise above it and stick around; apart from a touch of techiness we're a
good bunch, and usually kind to newbies.
When my scanner was new, I was a menace ... it happens to all of us.
It's a lovely photo, and I hope you do a web page and share more of them
with us.
And yes, the file took five minutes to load, during which time ... well,
never mind."

It took about six minutes for my computer . . . during which time I got
dressed to run five miles with two of my kids.  I was in track shorts and
singlet (a sleeveless shirt for runners) long before the computer was done
trying to digest an attachment that I could not view because my 1993 Mac
doesn't open anything except manuscripts made of words.  It turned the
butterfly into a series of letters, numbers, and symbols that took up the
space of 34 'messages' in my in-box.  Graphic proof that 'a picture is
worth 1000 words'!

Although I am generally mellow about such events, I was glad to see the
gentle reminders that such items belong elsewhere . . . However . . . Mark
feels bad, we all understand, et cetera.  Case closed, I hope?

Speaking of butterflies (right?) a runner from Missouri had a lovely
experience recently.  She had been running on a treadmill indoors, but when
she went outside she was surrounded by a cloud of what sound like Mourning
Cloaks.  She wrote about it for the runners, and I got to play Resident
Entomologist to answer a question she posted.  Since then she has been
paying more attention to the local lepidoptera, and even wrote me off-list
(a running list) to ask about some butterflies she saw:

"what are those little yellow butterflies and white ones, really small ones?
are they baby ones or a different type?"

In Stride,
Martha Rosett Lutz

In Iowa City, where 50 F (about 10 C) is warm enough for us to run in
shorts, but too cool for most leps!

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