"New butterfly species found in Northern Ireland" - 1st x in 112 yrs

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New butterfly species found in Northern Ireland 

A new species of butterfly with big genitalia has been discovered in
Northern Ireland.

This is the first time in 112 years a new species has been found in the
United Kingdom.

The butterfly, named Leptidea reali, is almost identical to the endangered
wood white except for its genitalia.

Scientists from the Ulster Museum and Butterfly Conservation identified the
new species.

Martin Warren, of Butterfly Conservation, told The Times: "This is an
exciting and important discovery."

The last species to be discovered in the UK was the Essex skipper in 1889
and the last to be found in the Republic of Ireland, where the reali also
lives, was the pearl-bordered fritillary in 1922.

Story filed: 09:00 Wednesday 3rd October 2001



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