"New butterfly species found in Northern Ireland" - 1st x in 112 yrs

Anne Kilmer viceroy at gate.net
Wed Dec 5 07:37:51 EST 2001

James Kruse wrote:

> Hmmmm... Perhaps the active antagonists of collecting in the UK in recent
> decades have hindered these discoveries of cryptic species..... :-0
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> on 12/4/01 3:22 PM, Chris Conlan at conlan at ADNC.COM wrote:
>>Perhaps some collecting is still justified in the UK?  Just when you think
>>you know it all something like this happens.......:)
>>Chris (smiling wide as I write this)

Oy. To the casual butterfly-spotter in Ireland, a greenish little white 
butterfly is a green-veined white, ho hum, and unless these guys have 
unusual size or behavior, we wouldn't look twice at them.
Heck, they might even suppose it's a cabbage white, mightn't they?
An active school butterfly-gardening program, of course, would turn out 
a lot of avid butterfly spotters, and they could learn to look for these 
little guys and distinguish them.
But oh, don't you want the collectors to open their collecting trays and 
examine all those "wood whites" to determine their true identity?
I wonder, can you make a proper identification of this bug from a good 
photograph? I mean, might nature photographers find pictures of it among 
their "wood whites"?
Anne Kilmer
South Florida (and Mayo, Ireland)


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